He arrived, wrapped in lapis

Shape shifting before my view;

Hands outstretched, clasping mine

I paid the man his dues.

‘A deal’s a deal good sir;

Well met upon this fate,’

Pressing coins we intertwined;

Shifting perspective,

‘Hurry onwards but gently; for I am now quite late.’

He laughed ‘paradigm’ – you silly girl,

What brought you here thus far?

You’re unscheduled as of now, and not going very far.

He obliged me safe passage & crossed the banks,

without another word,

Thankee sai I whispered, for your kind gesture

The echo left unheard.

just stop

I’m supposed to give you this pen, with a cap on both ends; one in hand. That’s three lids for a one stick job. I’m supposed to tell you something, that’s what they told me. Returning to coloring.

Sometimes we age backwards.

I pass by the shiny silver trinkets, they’re stamped with approval from the internet; must be true. Fourteen ninety five for plated silver, turns your neck green overnight. (Ugh.)

No thanks.

I patch up leaks in the ceiling using a tattered old blanket; supposing it’s holding back the moisture. Pushing back and resetting, it all stays in place. Some level of control causing inference.

There’s a threat of a flood, electric panel sitting unprotected.

The joys of owning a home. I carry my motorcycle on my back; it’s broken anyhow. Sold it to pay the bills, because the repairs were over the top. Now I’m walking everywhere with this weight on my shoulders.

Eight hundred and sixty-three pounds. Yeah, i got this.

(lolwut? no.)

She cries, misty eyed ‘I got the job.’ She’s happy about something; they’re looking quite excited about life. Her partner is silent in the corner, scrolling the feeds. Neither put in the application.

Must be magic.

Loudspeaker beckons, do what you want; with whatever is at hand. Odd, considering loss prevention will hunt you down and charge you extra for the trouble.

Don’t ask, tell them everything.

Don’t I know you from somewhere? That badge of honor you wear looks familiar. Too many options to choose from. Too many options to see. Nothing makes sense.

Perhaps I saw it in a dream.