due diligence

White webpage, bright colorful engine Translating these Pieces Pulling heartstrings with hashtags What secrets do you hold? Everyone’s. It replied. I know it all. & if I don’t know You’ll tell me; Through your words, “Hey you” & I answer in different ways

room 405

Small black circles Stale cigarette reminders Grey ashes powder the carpet Wedged in cinder block corners This hotel somewhere Outside of California On interstate 5 Perused by grifters and drifters In and out by the hour Pausing to knock on doors asking For commercial company

there but for grace go eye

They’re azure, The kind of blue that makes your heart go woo. Riding shotgun on an old dirt road, popping tabs & Looking up at the stars. A double-oh-seven-triple-f They speak without saying anything, Blinking twice for yes, mixing tears in the morning brew. It’s not what you think Just one of those days, where... Continue Reading →

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