letters to the editor

i keep trying to get these thoughts out of my fingers each draft worse than the last delete. delete. delete. messages unsent what I want to say plays on repeat except you can't hear this record scratching on the table is it memory


floating down the street throwing beads for show can't tell what or who is behind the mask these shape-shifters sifting through the bottom of every bottle

i see you

odd how happenstance made chance an enemy of lady luck stole opportunity so she slashed his tires "ouch" - bit harsh, doncha think? supposing it wasn't justified & justifies its reason for alignment showing reruns in reverse

go west young man

Errands and people, These places where I travel; Have no meaning here. I just don't get it, I'm not from around these parts; Yet I know the roads. Fraudulent folks, Are tasked with making it work; We're doing the job. I wish I could say, I am feeling inspired; Instead my hands write.

coz i don’t care

I woke up with you this morning, To a happy song, moon in sky; On crisp white sheets; Fresh linens pressed alongside New poetry and some coffee. We danced across the floor, Silly as ever; Raising our cups & Collecting the sunshine.

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