a story takes flight

After dinner one night, we sat at the table; dishes as yet unwashed, blank paper center stage, another ‘life lesson’ to be learned. He drew a line on the page, marring the perfect blank surface; then two lines at each end, creating a sort of barrier for the line. On one end he wrote ‘abstract’... Continue Reading →


It started as a mist; turning into A deluge outpouring - Causing Emergency systems to be Shattered by the outcries Of ~{save me}~ ~{save me}~ From the rooftops Shouted and unheard The whoop whoop whoop of the blades Drowning out the sorrow

all i have

I bleed nouns, verbs, adverbs, all over the pages; A crash-course in road rash; my face skidding in the dirt. If not for this cursor cursing at me, I’d hang myself like a picture; reframe it. It’s a curse that’s unrehearsed - Unscripted, in reverse; Rolling back over & opening my eyes, Still here, still... Continue Reading →


Help me she whispered through the bars Pleading whilst climbing the walls Bonded in braids elastic So as not to let her fall Three shapes in neon lights Circling o’er head [her halo falls to the city streets below] Triangulation of a quadratic formula Four corners flashing bright colors

elemental alchemy

Rain falls delicately Upon the harsh desert landscape. Lush green fields full of life, Consumed by passionate fire. The arching flexibility A ballerina en pointe, Brings soul to the eyes; Lighting a pathway across the sky.

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