being human

You don’t remember me,

We hadn’t yet had the pleasure;

I trust we’re now well met.

Passing strangers, left and right,

Leaving words I left to write,

While learning how to process the context of it all.

The meaning of the phrase ‘Being Human’

If you, or someone you know displays signs and symptoms such as: Pulsating heartbeat, red blood, requiring oxygen to exist, residing somewhere on planet earth, or if (heaven forbid) an epidermis is present; you may have a serious medical condition known as Being Human.

There is no cure for being human, it’s a lifetime condition.

Thankfully, you’re not alone.

There are approximately 7.2 billion cases of being human worldwide, with the number rising every second.

With your help, we can raise awareness, assist others, eliminate the stigma & build strong foundations; showing support for everyone who is afflicted.

Being Human, in 2014

Twenty Twenty is the year of hindsight

In ten years time, we’ll look back fondly on these memories.

Or grimace at the thought of who we were.

What will you be in five, six – even – twelve years time?

Not age, nor numbers, nor station to rise; what will you be in fifty years’ time?

What is your mark that you’d like to leave,

Will it be loving; will it be free?

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