rise again

It was over one hundred and forty million years ago When, hurtling to earth, The plummeting stone arrived; Throwing dirt, and rocks, and trees, and creatures of habit skyward - Decimating everything & Turning off the lights for the time being The sky darkened for a long while after. After chaos, comes calm; and eventually,... Continue Reading →

being human

You don’t remember me, We hadn’t yet had the pleasure; I trust we’re now well met. Passing strangers, left and right, Leaving words I left to write, While learning how to process the context of it all. The meaning of the phrase ‘Being Human’ If you, or someone you know displays signs and symptoms such... Continue Reading →

what time is it?

It’s up to sixty degrees today, sweltering in contrast to the early morning rains. How is it still supposed to snow on Thursday? Must be a regional construct. Silly thing, this weather, clogging drainpipes with tree hair; turning over new leaves. Purrball curled up in front of the window; the meowy one objecting to me... Continue Reading →

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