shenanagins at the haberdashery

It’s scheduled to snow on Thursday. It never snows on Thursdays. Living with this paradox is something I can’t quite grasp; Longing for literal meaning to a contextual conundrum. Under the normal view, its the peripheral passionate Victory one must be aware of, this viewpoint wants to step out of bounds. Yesterday, admittedly wasn’t as... Continue Reading →

holy water

They blessed the waters, holding scepter on high; Bellowing, Blessings be among ye. Pushing me downwards and underneath, Bathed in the same stream, A hundred miles from the nearest camp, I find myself asking how to step into the same river twice.


Laws were enacted, long before my interest in suits, ties and case briefs. My first run in, came when the forms were placed in front of my sister. The law was new then, and compliance was paramount. Everyone had to be on board; hospital stay was a familiar term, and information systems management was something... Continue Reading →


Whistling through the halls, I hear the songbirds sing. They have their pecking order, and it makes my ears ring. The bell does toll, for the toil we seek. And that’s what I saw on that one street. Under the light, the mist clouded view, Leaving behind, a delicate dew. The morning sun rose, and... Continue Reading →

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