Misty returned home, After a long day on the job; Sideswiped- Ticket in hand; mother screams “this is all your fault; you know better than that!” She lights a candle, leaving paper to burn; Charred memories~ Collecting tears in the wind

seven eight nine

vexing perplexing this dichotomy of air, wind & sound a desire out of context confirmed if you play with fire you're liable to get burned hot embers stoking danger will robinson

heeding the call

His lips on my skin, a toast to the celebration; passionate heat rises. Entwined limbs like dewy branches, outstretched and reaching for more. Perplexing intuition, gathering moss ~ Still with you; Always here.

startle response

usually i jump About ten feet in the air Upon approach Today though lost in my own stream Of consciousness I didn't Not as if it matters Perhaps it's because I already knew you were there Or because I'm always on red alert For intrusion (nosey bastards) These days if I try to hide They'll... Continue Reading →

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