philosophy 101

I have asked these same questions, over & over again; not to seek answers, but to validate existence. It must somehow be connected, to the futility of perpetual motion; an everlasting drive that is absolutely free.

What drives this human machine? Perhaps blood, sweat & tears; or grinding gears of bone on bone. These emotional heartstrings like a marionette being pulled forward, always moving.

We speak from the experience of a thousand years’ learned; eternal cycles repeating. Yes, yes, I know; I know. An eternity isn’t long enough to answer them. Hence why our time is cut short.

They say ‘the good ones die young’ & I beg to differ.

Again, begging questions I have no right to ask. I ask them anyhow and am stricken from view. Funny how that works; and I’m still not through.

[Must mean I’m no good?] more questions to ponder, this prideful approach – leaves to desire an open reproach.

HA! Hardly.

Because knowledge is power, and it bears fruit from a tree; a seedling that is grown – for you and for me. Sometimes the best and the brightest have sunset before the dawn. Sometimes the greatest are mirrored in song. Sometimes the passion makes my soul sing. And sometimes the seriousness means;

Asking more questions, raising your hand – or blurting out the answer when it’s according to plan. Somehow,

We humans

We find a way

To bring a brighter tomorrow, until today.

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