banana phone

Vibrating in his pocket, he glances down; Another missed call, another text; as yet unanswered. He puts the square back inside, calmly Standing at the podium, to deliver his keynote speech. Her message: ‘Your mother’s dead’ Oh sister, what perfect timing you have.

long december

Air raid sirens wail Catastrophic deafening War reaching the shores We put the damn tea In the dark waters yelling No taxation here History is weird To victors go the spoils What will we write next We can’t get along No matter where you go it’s Just a bloody mess I thought about this &... Continue Reading →

misty morning

Misty took off in her white pickup truck, The one with the Illinois plates. She drove sixteen miles for a six pack, Returning bleary-eyed and disheveled; Mother asking questions, Like ‘Why don’t you bring some home for me?’

broke college student diet

Have you lost weight? She asked, shocked at my appearance Slightly jaded I replied, yes, it’s that time of year again; The time of year(s) where ramen reigns supreme, and coffee is king - [not that coffee isn’t always, just more so these semesters] Oh, and that series of expensive books, (The ones I never... Continue Reading →

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