pub L. 88-352

It’s not happy hour There is a reason for this Paper creation The gunslingers came Brought the foundational law Been amended since Inclusive of all There is still a disconnect As to what it means We historically Are connected by two forms They are fear & love

talking body

i listen nightly to his words on repeat over the speakers there are evenings that i weep from either sorrow or joy nostalgic and reminiscent i let his words wash over me scrubbing me clean refreshingly sublime like warm piecrust being rolled out delicious & always welcoming


Rousseau is too obtuse he said, While pouring boiling water in. I suppose he isn’t a fan Of various schools of thought; We discussed war, politics, law & the changing of times, And we’re still friends.


The winds of change approach from the north. It’s always from the north it seems. Their bitter howl cutting deeply. So pleasant that spring isn’t too far out. Tell me a story, about the land. Tell me how it starts; of castle walls and high towers. The slings and arrows of fate. Holding tightly, a... Continue Reading →

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