Get out of my head Subconscious thought driving Into the fog A condensed soup In the thick of it all Thieving sight Night blindness Terrified at the lack of direction Leading intuition Unencumbered By the intercalated movements

no stone unturned

It’s cold outside, not as bitter as the coffee the warmth helps. I hear the birds in the boughs, the sounds of the city; slight breeze rustling the leaves. The sky, overcast grey; sun setting quickly as if to acknowledge that tomorrow has arrived on the other side of the world.


Stopped dead on the tracks Watching a trailing of ants Deciding which way is left On a one way street Perhaps a step In the right direction Is out of order Though Understandably Staying here will lead to The end of the line What bugs me Besides these ants on the tracks Is how determined... Continue Reading →

le meow

Purrball silently Walks across the living room Stalking the red ball ~ Meowy one silent Curled in front of the heater Under fleece blanket ~ One spots the other Like ships passing in the night Together at sea

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