for her

I’ve done this thing a thousand times before,

Looked death in the face,

I’ve been to that place.

This time it’s different, its not the same;

I know that girl, those little shoes, spin and twirl,

Unfurling kilt, the one she wore;

And in that split second she was no more.


We pipers played Amazing Grace,

A tune set in key of G;

In honor of her namesake, heard;

From mountain, to hill, through valley.


We marched alongside Her casket,

In the bitter winter cold,

In time we’d learn the story,

Of how Her’s was to unfold.


Our eyes did pour out rivers,

Tears streaming, to our chest,

We marched onwards, to the resting place

In time, we do our best.


You already know the trouble,

The sorrow of our pain,

Listen closely with your heart,

& always when it rains.


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