fortune favors the bold

Apollo’s heartbeat Missing a piece of the puzzle Memorialized plaque over bridge Airplane flying overhead Thirty-thousand leagues above the sea Orange vest in emerald fields No left turn ahead Six foot seven foot eight foot bunch Of grapes, harvest has long since past The tides that bind A land-locked island All paths are valid

school day

She came in quietly Sat on his bed Wake up sleepyhead she whispered Shaking his shoulders gently He rolls over Weary-eyed Saying I don’t like school mom I don’t wanna go in today She sighs You gotta get up, we gotta go to school love Getting up off edge of bed Breakfast on the stove... Continue Reading →


I had a dream; and in this dream I met folks from far and wide, new were arrivals for the team. It was a beautiful thing. Their hair was colorful and dyed multiple shades of various hues. They had tattoos and other curious piercings or outer wear, I wanted to learn more. I’d never seen... Continue Reading →

for her

I’ve done this thing a thousand times before, Looked death in the face, I’ve been to that place. This time it’s different, its not the same; I know that girl, those little shoes, spin and twirl, Unfurling kilt, the one she wore; And in that split second she was no more. ~ We pipers played... Continue Reading →

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