creature from the black lagoon

I came in from outer space

So you told me once

A long time ago

On a dingy street corner

Dimly lit 

About forty miles from SoHo

As we’re not from around here

Though this is where we’re found

Ships passing in the literal night

In front of the ever glowing sun

That bright light 


Just. Won’t. Quit. 

Wouldn’t you know it

We’ve got our thumbs in the air 

Towels in hand 

On an interglactic adventure

Taking place in our mind

Is it so random though

We strangers cast 

And crew aboard the starship earth

A moving target

Graciously missed

By meteorites and just past Mercury

Wedged between a red giant

And a white dwarf

What are the odds 

we’d meet on that street corner 

Shaking hands and high-fiving our reflection

Grateful for the opportunity

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