in for a penny, in for a pound

Fingers Roman, roaming
Came upon
A penny

Copper shine irresistible
They don’t want to hold on to their hands
For too long
I know
For a fact
Those digits will be great in soup

For I have the rumblies
And your sticky fingers
Are a sweet, delicious, treat

It’s the principle of the thing
And I am head mistress
Ahead of the game
And a fan of the before time

When sticks, and stones
Were used appropriately

In these modern times
The old days are not far away

I will nail you
With a smile
To the Saint Andrew’s cross

You. Will. Be.
Crucified for your crimes

I will
Rend your flesh
From your bones
Stripping you
Of your humanity
You filthy animal, you.
(Oh yes, you.)

Is that too much?


When you’re in for a penny
I’ll take that pound of flesh

With. Great. Pleasure.

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