standing still

Among the sticks and stones They cast shadows Tall, dark & handsome ~ Trench coat cloaks whispering About who is the next up-and-coming Bright stars in the universal picture ~ We traded marks for franks Or was it pounds for rupees Dollars making sense eventually ~ When those plague rats Jump ship in the next... Continue Reading →

no excuses

I was talking with my subconscious the other day He called, just to say hello Checking in to make sure I’m still there As if the weather wouldn’t whoosh by Freezing things from here to the river Keeping them in hibernation mode till spring The seasons change Everything changes I unwrapped the gift of the... Continue Reading →

the ‘real’ world

Black bull pub Half a world away Somewhere in Edinburgh Pronounce it burrito With out the ‘it’ factory Warning label attached ~ Burrowing deeper into lyrical linguists Listening in Tuning out the off key filter Never you mind the words Just take the soul with you & sing louder

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