Touching the glass gently

So as not to disturb the elements

I rub in circles

Two cents

Together, as if that would catch fire

Maybe if we all had some change

Things would be different

Then; i put the quarter into the machine

Then another, because I dropped the first two

And I twist the metal leaver

Out pops a small plastic container

With a piece of bubblegum

And a pattern edge bow tie

The colors like a watercolor sunset

Shimmering in the desert

I sit in the sand, under the Joshua tree

Tracing patterns with my fingertips

Making magic wherever I roam

7 thoughts on “developing

Add yours

      1. That’s a tough one – probably Japan as a country and Alberta as a Providence; it’s challenging to pick a city, maybe Drumheller for the dinosaurs.

        What are three things I should know before travelling to Ireland?


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