Touching the glass gently So as not to disturb the elements I rub in circles Two cents Together, as if that would catch fire Maybe if we all had some change Things would be different Then; i put the quarter into the machine Then another, because I dropped the first two And I twist the... Continue Reading →


They keep me locked in the corner In the middle of grand central station Like Schrödinger’s cat, both dead & alive Simultaneously Waiting for the poison to spill The radioactive decay to set in So they can clean up the cubists dream home And reconfigure To a more respectable Form of function I suppose it’s... Continue Reading →

warm ups

Overall feels good Calisthenics ritual Goes great with coffee Waiting for french press Stretching and planking & more Kettle bell not ball I call it daisy Twenty five pounds of metal Down seventy-five ~

weather or whether or not

Thrum of the space heater One coil works, the other burned out It was here before I was The other has a short So basically it doesn’t work Winter is here I put on another knit cap And wrap myself in fleece Shivering It’s not that cold Few degrees above freezing Improvement over time Something... Continue Reading →

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