six four five

Made it safely home After traversing six counties Twelve cups of coffee later Wired and tired & Ready for the next week My car never once complained About the hundred of thousands Miles i put on the wheels Perhaps tomorrow When i suit up The six-gun will hang low on my hips Mayhap then You’ll... Continue Reading →

oh no she didn’t

They close self checkout Right at the start of the Sunday evening shoppers Throngs of people Picking up things In a place where sixteen lanes Are available (for our inconvenience) As ten are forever closed Folks abound Strangers threatening to roll over toes If you don’t get out of their way Frenetic in their rush... Continue Reading →

i think i broke it

I wrote two pieces, and they never went out. Does this mean the universe has other plans, or is it just a glitch in the WordPress matrix? My logo went missing, profile picture dissapeared. How odd, these seemingly meaningless (in the grand scheme of things modality) and yet, it's one of those...not sure what it... Continue Reading →

human construct (circa 2014)

Beliefs influence perception Perception structures reality Possibilities generate choices Choices initiate actions Actions affect outcomes Outcomes impact beliefs Awareness facilitates change Change anywhere Becomes change everywhere~ Human Author Unknown Image credit: ‘Prickly City’ by Scott Stantis - Sunday Comics 1-19-2014


Tentacles flowing Bioluminescence is Beauty with no brain ~ Water suspended Flowing within the ocean This way and that way ~ The turtles eat them They take no damage from sting Fascinating feast

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