based on a true story

watch this” he whispered
Out the window to his buddy
In the next car over
Red light holding
Him back

His mind floating
High on an oxide
Them whip-its helped make a mess

There is always a choice to make

A quarter mile stretch
Revving the engine
A swerve to the left
Three souls were lost that day

Of impact on one, their life was done
This is sad and truer still
The carnage a wreck
Impaled through the neck
Yet another trapped under the carriage

Reverse the rims

The crunch of skull

Another distance driven

Why get out
They’ll just scream and shout
I gotta get out of here

I’m late for work anyhow. . . . .

Not every new thing learned is Neeto: People v. Calles (2012) , Cal. App.4th Humans are a curious lot, we do a lot of things. Sometimes we wallow, sometimes we fight, and sometimes we even sing. See Friedrich v. City of Chicago, 619 F. Supp. 1129 (N.D. Ill. 1985) for one sort of view.

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