the cave of wonders

I steal his words like a well worn shirt (Or lack thereof) delighted &

Draping them over my shoulders we’re
Bracing for the cold
Bundled up
Cup of coffee to soothe the bittersweet ache
Of this stubbed toe

I’ll bring back the shirt eventually

Circling back to listen

He told me a story
About dragons and
Some war hero
Possibly Patton

Yes, it was Patton, as he patted me on the head
Twice, smoothing over the frizzy locks

He said
We’re on a lifelong journey
So far
So good
As they say in the old country
We’re circling the globe something akin to
Circumventing circumstances
By land
& sea

Won’t you meet me in St. Louis
Or perhaps in Peloponnesus

I replied, it’s all Greek to me

We’re leaving on a jet plane, bags packed and the sky’s the limit

However far we travel, we’re never too far from home; why don’t you meet me in lieu of a luau, we could strike up a conversation

With some flamingos in hula skirts

While sipping sweetly under pink umbrellas

In the cave of wonders

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