taking flight

Two runway paths, rail thin – hang effortlessly. They beckon as the backdrop of the dawning sunrise. I see an attempted murder of crows on a signpost. I take this to mean, the roaring of all systems go – we have liftoff it seems. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things the effort is worth the expended emotional context; then again, it’s all stranger than fiction: this art is not a science.

It is the bereavement of the deadwood being cleared; how ever much the loss hurts, the kindling is created & allowed to burn. If you just so happen to let it dry, eucalyptus is a decadent treat. Perhaps you’ve smelled the rustic campfire pine, even long after you’ve returned from the adventure. Only you hold that memory.

If you’re having a day, stop.

Are you ready?

Here we go. . . .

*I N H A L E*

~Hold for 4~

*E X H A L E*

*I N H A L E*

~Hold for 4~

*E X H A L E*

You. Got. This. I trust you to have a better day.

Fill your cup full of joy, today & all days.

Be well

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