round edges

I accept you both, for what it’s worth. A penny for the thought. See you both at the waters edge, just shy of middle earth. You’re there, standing tall; in the middle of it all – staring at the sun.

Hile Gunslingers

We are well met

Strict adherence to the code. Same terms and conditions do apply. When you’re walking along the path of the beam; sometimes all you can do is sigh.

Wanting a wanted man, those pair of problematic properties. Poster boards hanging in a saloon out west, tattered and weather-beaten.

“It’s north by east” one claims to me

“Sometimes South is the way to go” – you know, I suppose it depends on who’s navigating shotgun at the time. Either way the shoes fit, save for the worn soles; it appears the miles worn thin.

The conversion rate is a hipsters curse, it does not take much to entertain; the simplest pleasures, in life, are the golden threads of fate.

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