round edges

I accept you both, for what it’s worth. A penny for the thought. See you both at the waters edge, just shy of middle earth. You’re there, standing tall; in the middle of it all - staring at the sun. Hile Gunslingers We are well met Strict adherence to the code. Same terms and conditions... Continue Reading →

the beautiful people

Wake up the telepathic telephones Stranger things have happened After all Wasn’t it you, that quoted the ‘We’ The Royal We dear Not those measly lower Cases Washing up on the Eastern side Joining crystal lake and elm street Is it nightmarish? Hardly ‘Tis but a dream dearheart And we’re all merely dreaming Of those... Continue Reading →

taking flight

Two runway paths, rail thin - hang effortlessly. They beckon as the backdrop of the dawning sunrise. I see an attempted murder of crows on a signpost. I take this to mean, the roaring of all systems go - we have liftoff it seems. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things the effort is worth... Continue Reading →

at the crossroads

At the crossroads of here and now I hear you and obey My hands will do the deed Till the soil Spread the seed In skyline We walk for miles A trailhead Made muddy by the rains The sun peaks through the clouds Slightly brighter than the storm O’er horizon Here and beyond A rooster... Continue Reading →

his words & my words

Do not be afraid The morning doves are singing Each and every day ~ Waiving in the boughs Fluttering effervescence Shining example ~ Unwavering faith In footsteps upon mountain We will move this stone ~

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