Six : Eight

I have these thoughts
& My phone is going to die

They’re on hold for the time

So I’ll hold them
Taking a deep breath every time you walk by

Breathing you in
Drinking deep from the wellspring
Holding on
As tightly as I would your scruffy face

My fingers through your hair
Just as if I was there
Standing tall at the altar
Flowers in my locks, singing in key

Immortalized in action
His threshold pushes the bounds
Of Hades’ fire

Let it burn

I pray at the river for the will to live
Long enough to see your face

We meet head to head

Headstrong I am
Head first I dive in
Heeding no warning
Yielding to no sign

The ferryman reaches out
Entwining my fingers
My palm marred
By the lemniscate

A promise to return

My punishment
Is wish fulfillment
I am granted safe passage
Providing my two cents as the fare

Soul contracted
Contracting the sleeping sickness
The cause
Is the cure

He whispers
‘semper vincit mortem’
As I step off the ferry
My ears
Hollow as reeds in the wind
Obedient to his command

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