Six : Eight I have these thoughts & My phone is going to die They’re on hold for the time So I’ll hold them Close Taking a deep breath every time you walk by Breathing you in Drinking deep from the wellspring Holding on As tightly as I would your scruffy face My fingers through... Continue Reading →

living the dream

Alice looking glass Ticking clock on the nightstand Jolts me from slumber Blink blink yes think think Babbling to the river The river talks back You smile when I Tell you it is delicious That Cheshire cat grin Music to the ears Eyes dancing across pages Open floor book plan Scrawled scrying dragoon Bringing into... Continue Reading →

golden eyes

Everything will be alright he told me Soldier boy saluting in his dress blues That red stripe perfectly aligned I whispered in his ear ‘thank you for your service’ Taking both his hands in mine i realized this might be the last Time i see him since we’re at war When the orders came in... Continue Reading →

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