ric flair drip

I’m looking at a chart
And from what I can tell
There is an inner turmoil & drive

Diametrically opposed systems
Simultaneously coexisting; temptation
Star systems colliding like rapid fire galaxies

The practical transformative nature for this is
Death reconstruction is inconjunct for expansion
Honor and structure inconjunct diversity & impulsivity

In the deep waters of dreams, the scorpions sting
Squaring off with the collective mindset & expansion
A six-planetary configuration split between earth and air

More progressed spiritual waters, the moon, bright orb
Is opposed death and destruction – the challenge
Is to be so much yourself, so true to your form
As to blind the masses with delight and shine

You know this already and don’t need this dream
Perhaps the inner self craves the realistic desire
Vis-à-vis ‘notice me senpai’; we acknowledge
This delicious, supercharged physicality, yes
We see it definitely draped over the couch
Strewn about perfectly ordered & in-line
These stars are held fast in the sky by
The gravity of our worlds colliding

This destiny is guided by your own will & grace
The individual choice to rise to the occasion
Something I may be missing here…time…
The affective nature crumbles aspects
Leaving what is referenced to
A rebuilding of sorts, show
Reconfigurations, as
Recapitulation, for
Undulating, coil

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