I saw him, blinking back tears
the tablecloth pattern stained
A tightly woven compilation
Fig newton of the imagination
Filament in a bulb flickering

Apparent apparition
The coagulation of surrounding items
As I pass by in a blur
On my way to see this
Movie reel playing out
The mind is powerful

Sitting hunched over his phone
In the alternative timeline
When the murder happened
Desperately searching for something
Eager to find answers for why

Endless searching
Looking past the looking glass
I am invisible here in your world
Reflections on inter-dimensional ways & means

We exchanged no passing phrases
Greetings or well wishes
You can talk to the ghosts, you know
It’s when the conversation carries
Beyond two dimensional words that concerns

& sometimes checking in

means carrying on in spite of it all

The mind is deeply soothed
Today and all days

Awake & aware of humanity’s permutations

Cheers to it all, there is something in the cup
Today it’s water dressed in brown

In my meditation of the black tie affair
All is Quiet on the western front

I hear the fumbling of the handle
Get a grip – you’re not on a trip
Someone’s actually at the door

Blink blink / \ think think
This is a new and exciting place
They said they wanted to break me
I suppose turnabout is foul play

Perhaps it


Boggles my mind since
Burglary is defined as
The breaking and entering of a dwelling place of another
At night, with intent to commit a felony there within

You cannot enter here
This is my safe haven
Locked inside
My minds’ eye

Seeing past the broader picture borders
Encased in lines defining – to the material operations
Pulling from somewhere on a low cloud day
Passing a sign on the highway going
45 miles to nowhere – further than before

Deeper into the fog we go, unhurried, with headlights on

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