how far I’ll go

Sailing towards seas, as far as the horizon, no more – nothing less

If wishes were wine, i would have to pass on that, because of reasons

There is something here, & we cannot explain it, using our logic

Carl Jung saw it, connecting the components, earthling and starlight

This duality, brought forth my lack of knowledge, in this area

My chart lacks water, an entire void to fill, a black hole abyss

I cannot fix this, insatiable desire, to bring worlds closer

Sticking foot in mouth, i am an expert at this, flawed human trait

Over and under, turning these rocks in my mind, examination

Perhaps this is why, among other things really, there is no cure there

Flimsy excuses, painted on a blank canvas, in black and white print

Self aware to know, that i know absolutely, nothing is sacred

Not the words or thoughts, somehow stuck in a bottle, cant read the label

Daffodil yellow, electric lightning bolt says, caution keep away

Probably need sleep, simple resetting of sorts, tomorrow is here

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