The phone rings, and I answer; another situation unfolds
I have to answer
I have to go
Braving the elements, yellow umbrella opening into the rainy skies
Unfurling like a daffodil
Protecting the frizzy hair from even more frizz
On a mission to save the day
By attending yet another meeting uptown
I put my hand out in a wave
The yellow cab appears; as if by magic
We head uptown thirty six blocks
I watch the rain streak down
Painting the city in an abstract image
Where unbeknownst to me my belt sets off the metal detector
& I’m forced to choose between fashion and function
I tell the guard, ‘store it here, I’ll be back after eleven’
knowing full and well my schedule
Is far too packed
An itinerary that is unyielding in it’s command
There is more work to do, we are here for the people

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