house of the rising sun: remix

There is a house near styx rivers edge
Where hell would come to play
& It’s been the ruin of many a damned soul
Cursed to wander among these saints

Her mother was a junkie
She sold her off for drugs
His father left so quickly
He never did know his face

Now the only thing them junkies need
Is more and much the same
And only when the score is settled
Do they feel the sort of warmth in vein

Oh mother, love your children
Do not abandon them to the wolves
& let them be taken
Used & mistaken
In the house near styx rivers edge

So we return to where it all started
Our hands still carry the scars
& with them we will end the cycle
& with them we will be free

There is a house near rivers edge
Where the sun will come out to play
& it’s been a long and hard road well worn
& a longer time travelled to shore

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