She and thee are there In mind body & spirit Connected like twins Woven together Two parts cut from the same cloth In stitches and faith Holy ghost of light The umbra fills the night sky Like you fill me up *: Joy :*

sonder; a stones throw away

Seashell pressed to my ear and Sitting in the sun Reflecting on this principle Listening to the waves Watching the world go by Rhythmically Listening The sounds of nature & People, placed by some algorithm A bygone era of Clouds rolling in The silent observers Above our three-dimensional landscape Celebrating life renewed & the product... Continue Reading →

purple mountains majestic

Yankee Doodle went to town Hurled swiftly at my head - space Ducking candles and whatever objects were nearby Cutting the lawn with household scissor A popular punishment In the roadkill cafĂ© Escape was a certain fated experience Taking a chance that The ultimate sacrifice Would be well met While eating blackberry pie Cobbled together... Continue Reading →

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