“Hand me that wrench, would ya? I got this girl down to the wires.” She smirked from below, pointing with a blackened fingertip from underneath the beast; the squeak of the casters objecting to her movements.

“You know Grace, that’s a man’s job.” He jibbed, hunching down, handing the worn tool to the outstretched hand. He shuffles absent-mindedly. “What’s it, like, a million degrees in here; man how do you do it?” He quipped.

An exasperated whine from underneath the car. “Damnit Reinhardt, you got caught up in something foul, and I’m under here doing you a favor for once. Don’t make me regret this,” The ratchet clicking rapidly, reattaching the cable bracket.

“Man? Oh really?” Grace scoffed, “Could it be you’re envious of how I handle these nuts and bolts?” She said with a final grunt, turning the socket wrench tighter. She rolled out from underneath, wiping sweat off her brow with the back of her hand, leaving a trail of grease across her forehead.

“One last thing before you go; gotta top off your coolant.” She says, reaching for the yellow jug and green funnel. She pops of the cap of the radiator with a swift twist, slaps the funnel down and unlocking the cap of the jug, pours the emerald fluid carefully. With a twist of her wrist she reverses the process; wiping the edge of the jug with the blue rag.

“What’s the charge?” He asked, enamored at her deft skills and reaching for his wallet.

“Sixty-eight for the cable, and you owe me one for putting up with you Reinhardt.” She replied, wiping grease from her hands on the azure cloth and stuffing it in her back pocket. She released the hood latch from its embedded home and let the slab free fall. The metallic clang echoed off the walls.

Grace smiled. “No charge for the coolant this time. Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down. Your girl here is good to go for another hundred-thousand, or until you screw this up again-whichever comes first.” Grace replies.

Reinhardt throws his palms out, feigning innocence, “What? Me? Never!”

She glanced down, bemused, admiring the rock-chipped paint on the quarter panel; it reminded her of constellations in the night sky.

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