city & colour

When the light
Shines just right
These emerald hills, golden

Underneath it all
Are mere reflections of
Eyes that sing sonnets
Without making a sound

There’s no need to rush

When the inspiration strikes
It is
Loud and obnoxious

Obtuse, till tempered
Like chocolate
Delicately swirled
On marble slab
Creating chaotic streaks
Of checkerboard sweets

The fire, hot
Burns brighter than a galactic center
The force of a thousand suns

Able to leverage

A cantilever balancing
The fulcrum center-point
Of life

In the middle
Of the universe
At the heart
Of everything

Face off with fortitude
Go forth – be epic
& Full of win

Champion a cause
Fight for a cure
In rain, sleet, snow, or ice


Like the seedlings that you are
Bloom where you are planted
As the gifts of the present


Give thanks
& Breathe

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