“Hand me that wrench, would ya? I got this girl down to the wires.” She smirked from below, pointing with a blackened fingertip from underneath the beast; the squeak of the casters objecting to her movements. “You know Grace, that’s a man’s job.” He jibbed, hunching down, handing the worn tool to the outstretched hand.... Continue Reading →

city & colour

When the light Shines just right These emerald hills, golden Underneath it allAre mere reflections of Eyes that sing sonnets Without making a sound There’s no need to rush When the inspiration strikes It is Loud and obnoxious Obtuse, till tempered Like chocolate Delicately swirled On marble slab Creating chaotic streaks Of checkerboard sweets The... Continue Reading →

paper tiger burning

Sleepless in the city All I ever do Is wake up and sleep Loosing control now Looking for answers Among the delirious Black bears in the corners of my eyes Our lady of the church; One. White. Crow. Fly straight The checkered past of thirteen Elsewhere All standing next to me I don’t quite think... Continue Reading →

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