french press

Please be real, the rest will fall into place at the appointed hour of awakening; not a moment too soon, something blessed to be received, shared, embodied, swirled, and consumed responsibly.

Don’t be anything
But delicious
From the hills of Columbia
Or wherever on this blue marble
This day’s brew arrives from

Patiently waiting for the drip, sip, trip down memory lane

[I’m not in charge of import duties today
Perhaps tomorrow after three?]

May your cup be filled
By worthwhile endeavors
Creating happiness
Inner peace
And that one smile that you get
When the challenge was accepted
And we put the feeling
To work
Like an ox, yoked
Go till the soil, grow something good
Consume and be misunderstood
Beneath an awning
When ‘no’ became a full sentence
& yes, please

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