shifting lanes

Cobblestone pathway Cobbler as a changeling sprite Stitching together Broken leather work These shoes are lacking in sole Proprietary Ownership of this Building is entirely Made of human hands

with teeth

They gather in the woods Cult-like in their Desire to blend in With the foreground scenery Following their instincts Rubbing sticks together A magic ritual with Recursive bow Writing sonnets To sweethearts back home William tells about the apples & The gravity of the situation Stringing along cans Praying Prometheus bestows Warm welcomes And well... Continue Reading →

half moon

Rise like the sunlight Awakening daily sounds Acceleration Half moon full throttle Awash in full starlight bathe Fresh as morning light Dancing little gnats Among the growing grasses Micro star cluster One path across sky Blue doesn’t really exist Painted streak of cloud Yellow aspen tree Leaves being thrown by black bird It is not... Continue Reading →


Yes, i took one off Sat down and stayed awhile Showing true faces No, there are two words Vocabulary solid Juxtaposition Internalizing Incorporation into The seventh layer Settling the score Recalibrating music Into something good Welcome to the show It goes on despite all things That we consider Is that memory Sitting beyond the river... Continue Reading →

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