open your heart to me

The skies are awash with many shades of egg-yolk
Sun sinking lower on the horizon

Ready to punch the walls

(Want and do are two different things)

Withdrawal symptoms attached to
Deep-seeded anger issues
Connected to frustration
A bitter pill to swallow


Calmly eventually

I will get where I need to be

I listen several times in my car
On the way to get more gum
The register, slow
As if objecting to transactions

So I strike up some small talk
Unafraid of dancing in public
Two-hundred pieces later
We’re still celebrating 32 days
And hopefully thirty more years

If I am to be so lucky

In my reflection I observe
A peculiar recalibration of sorts
Part concerned
The other
Colorful as the painted sky

Lighting up when you finally arrive
Opening pages from the book of life
Busily sorting through mail

Or calling to see
If I remembered to pickup the bananas
From the bodega down the street

Four shiny bicycles cross my path
While waiting for the lights to change
From shades of stop
To the turquoise green of go

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