not a chance

~Forty two reasons
Not to roll the dice
Take a chance upon
This thing called life
Don’t want to go
Can’t go away
Stuck underfoot
Here’s where I’ll stay
Gum on a shoe
What do you do
Just scrape it all off
& Start again anew
Simple solution
To the problem
Get rid of all the gum
A bit extreme don’t you think
No, I just don’t really know
Much ado about nothing
Such rhyming from the part
Wouldn’t you know it
You didn’t ask from the start
For a sticky situation
From the mess of another
Best thing from all
Is having two brothers
One to follow
One to lead
Three sisters grim
Is not what we needed
One to set the path
Two to wail and weep
Now six siblings strong isn’t too far of a leap
Too many to count
They’re all part in line
Out yonder in the world
They’re all doing just fine~

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