remember this; redux

Toucan play this game Preening rainbow beak azure~feet Beautiful chatter Above in treetops Challenge the garden below Gravity defied Domesticated Captured creature is not free Do not clip his wings Rehabilitate Restore to former glory Fly pretty bird fly What wonders await The next steps of this journey Soar above mountains

open your heart to me

The skies are awash with many shades of egg-yolk Sun sinking lower on the horizon Ready to punch the walls (Want and do are two different things) Withdrawal symptoms attached to Deep-seeded anger issues Connected to frustration A bitter pill to swallow Fine Calmly eventually I will get where I need to be I listen... Continue Reading →

today at fifteen thirty nine

Eventually this will make sense Oh he’s terrible they say And that’s totally fine Or they’re still confused even The pleasantries of sound Scout in disagreement with my presence A murder of crows sending the message Perhaps the owner scared of persons As if the bark would frighten me Silly old bear What time Friday... Continue Reading →

not a chance

~Forty two reasons Not to roll the dice Take a chance upon This thing called life Don’t want to go Can’t go away Stuck underfoot Here’s where I’ll stay Gum on a shoe What do you do Just scrape it all off & Start again anew Simple solution To the problem Get rid of all... Continue Reading →

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