tree hair

when i returned to the gnarled branches day after day wearing smooth that one patch of rough bark sitting silently underneath your outstretched boughs bowing deeply below the tender blue sky - i never imagined screeching teeth sinking into your flesh, ripping you apart they took you from me & i am sad for that.


You ask how my week was, I say full and complete. Not questioning the response. and that’ll be the end; [again] Drawing strings together, Bifurcation of harmony. Is there a better way? Fcuk it I’m dead anyhow. Not like you (actually) care.


In ninety or so days - I will be right alongside the remainder. Reminding myself, of this day and my age. It hasn’t been that long before; And it won’t be that long again - Till the crow calls in the morning. Black and blue eyes, Split lip - Bruised yet again - I cannot... Continue Reading →

up the ante

The chips are falling, Brightly colored disks of coin; Fantastic plastic. Can you hold your own? Against folks who play this game; Straight faced and straight laced. Wheeling and dealing, These playing cards not level; The river will turn.

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