tree hair

when i returned to the gnarled branches

day after day

wearing smooth that one patch of

rough bark

sitting silently underneath

your outstretched boughs

bowing deeply below the

tender blue sky –

i never imagined screeching teeth

sinking into your flesh, ripping you apart

they took you from me

& i am sad for that.


You ask how my week was,

I say full and complete.

Not questioning the response.

and that’ll be the end;


Drawing strings together,

Bifurcation of harmony.

Is there a better way?

Fcuk it

I’m dead anyhow.

Not like you (actually) care.


In ninety or so days –

I will be right alongside the remainder.

Reminding myself, of this day and my age.

It hasn’t been that long before;

And it won’t be that long again –

Till the crow calls in the morning.

Black and blue


Split lip –

Bruised yet again –

I cannot abide.

Lemme get my shovel ma.

Don’t you worry now, ain’t nobody gonna miss

That sad sack.

Gotta go till them fields now.

up the ante

The chips are falling,

Brightly colored disks of coin;

Fantastic plastic.

Can you hold your own?

Against folks who play this game;

Straight faced and straight laced.

Wheeling and dealing,

These playing cards not level;

The river will turn.

in the house that father built

Not a crook, just a con man;

Selling us short for a few good coin. Nickel and dimes

Paired with death.

Water floodgates open.

Seizing like bearings,

Straight off the racetrack –

Getting off course

(of course)

The blue houses, built of scraps; scavenging,

Stretch a mile and a half long –

I have seen it for myself.


What is this system of stems ripped from the branches of office?

Where do we begin?

Do not take my damn towel –

We need the towel, the levees have burst

It seems we need

To pull the plug on this injustice.

Or reframe the picture.

Unfortunately there are no walls to climb,

Nor nails for which to hang

these pesky thoughts on

Where are we now? How much further to go?

I could shout to every ear what needs to be done,

I could whisper sweet nothings to seal the deal,

Would they commandeer the commandment?

Do they have ears?

ones that would listen?

Or am i just naive?

It can be done.