rooftop terrace for the new year

Framed perfectly Crushing grapes Hard pressed to find a more dedicated Shindig A happy place Full of sparkling personalities In a bubbling flute A toast In cheers For this New Years’ eve We celebrate In sobriety Because the binge Isn’t worth the purge Of overindulgence Toast my glass Coffee in hand Up long past the... Continue Reading →

green lights / outcast

As you go about your day Loosing your way By sight-reading Sensing the surrounding venue As if by sugar cane Sweetly navigating Red tipped and aware of everything In your wordless way you may Without saying a word Experience the joy of watching others’ eat cake For you have your wits about you Even when... Continue Reading →

raison d’être

I have this compulsion To create all the words String them together In voices unheard I write to remember I drink coffee to forget The past present & future Are here and well met “Keep going,” she said I shook my head Objecting to this philosophy Of all hearts’ command She took my soul Into... Continue Reading →

i walk alone

Wake up Put your fake up on It’s all a facade & you know your not blond (She clicks her tongue against her teeth) Wake up It’s so sad to see Your mind is weary & Your soul is weak Have faith in your footsteps Take charge of your day You control the outcome If... Continue Reading →

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