holy water anointed

Knocking on wooden doors The creak of the thirteenth step White linen fresh from the wash Middle C on piano KeysOff pitch “Practice makes perfect” His bushy mustache smiling Fresh lamb broth Baklava pastry flakes on your shirt A black and white TV show Painting of purple trees in the desert One hundred and five... Continue Reading →

warm honey

You are familiar From the before time Recognition A nice person Familiar ~ & The sound of your voice Soothing The pitch is akin to Smoothing out of piecrust dough A comforting warm welcome Like fresh honey from the bees knees Your words & The way they are used Concrete & solid like marble You... Continue Reading →

talking to myself

Bizarre occurring phenomenon Talking to myself Missed a call and my voicemail box is full Returning To the scene of some crime A murder in a parallel universe Till death do us part I swear on my life I will be here with you till the end I will love you I will feed you... Continue Reading →

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