Renamed seven of nine
Times out of ten we’re on one again
Beautiful by design
Six feet
Six inches of
Space to breathe life into
This whirlwind of color
Ice blue orbs
The kind that make stone hearts
Melt like
Piercing the morning skyline

Sending shivers down my spine

As I walk
Snapping branches underfoot

He is there beside me
Hands me a coffee
And all I can do is gawk

Fumble my words like a football

Sooner rather than later
I’d rather much date her

Either way I’m good

It’s all in the mind
Skull candy defined
As licking the confined spaces
Of wrinkled pink fissures

Stepping into
Grey matter

Taking steps towards

The Colorado river

Handling business like a boss
A man with a plan
Never at a loss
In sight and out of town
Perhaps beyond the glen
Lucky streak of lightning
Is bolting through again

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