Scraping ice off the windshield Plastic clear device Frozen fingertips just out of reach Crooked pathway Blind turn ahead No light from Cheshire moon Crow calls out Caw caw caw An engine starts Metallic pitch A key in a lock Turning over a book Hot coco and steam Curled up on a couch In comfy... Continue Reading →

§8B2.1. et. seq.

Private thoughts made public, brought to you by the letter of the law; holding tightly to the secret (that it’s all public knowledge) Seek and ye shall find What isn’t left behind In turns of pages Digital recreations Recreational Parking lots Building structure Forms & Phrases A celebration Of learning something new Hands raised Arbor... Continue Reading →


Renamed seven of nine Times out of ten we’re on one again Beautiful by design Six feet Six inches of Space to breathe life into This whirlwind of color Ice blue orbs The kind that make stone hearts Melt like Icicles Piercing the morning skyline Sending shivers down my spine As I walk Snapping branches... Continue Reading →

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