Gnawing on the bones of the dead Like a rabid dog oozing Infected creative juices Dripping Drenched with sweat Underneath Begging for the hot coals and fire Walking the path Staying in line Past, present, and future aligning A transaction of transferrence & Agreements well met Transmutation in transmission Third gear is grinding Sometimes getting... Continue Reading →

tell me something good

is the river malevolent? does the wind change or sigh? would a lifetime of bondage be preferable; or could you submit to your own demise? beyond the moon and stars we roam, across the oceans’ ides; we see, hear, and acknowledge, all that we surmise. so tell me something good today, what wonders will await?... Continue Reading →


Learned a new word today Lymphoreticulosis Reminds me of others, historically derived I wanna rock yetMy cat scratches at a drawerDrawing me to artworkUnfinished Still in progress A work in progress Progressing forward Like my clock when i subconsciously reset the alarm Turning it forward, don’t want to be late Why why why do i... Continue Reading →

magnetic compass

On a park bench in the fields Two pull up a chair and stay awhile ‘I’m a surgeon, not a psychologist’ Well that’s nice dear; looking inwardly outwards My covert narcissist peeking through the curtains, disappointed Whisperer, reminder of great things long ago - irrelevant by todays standards No bearing / Barely breathing in the... Continue Reading →

gratias tibi

Grasping her outstretched hands Tiny fingers palm to palm I looked deeply into her eyes & was graced by the light I gave her five languages Two words each Starting with one Six-thousand years ago Miles only matter When you’re measuring Rolling a circle across the ground Pacing out from the four corners Together in... Continue Reading →

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