i am the highway

Wishing for this once before
Listening to morris
Gallivanting towards the
Systematic Morse Code
Emitted from deep within
My golden eyed love
Requiring the same

Interstate traveler on my way

Out yonder adventures speaking
Deep seeded
Planted in the pouring rain
Plate was from Iowa
I can’t make this up
Red cardinal stickers
& Harlequin hot air balloons
Real reference points
For real image outcomes expressed
In the mind of another
We are all connected
Messages written in code
On the blank signpost of life
Turning over new leaves

Crunch crunch crunch
One of my happy sounds

They’re wet today
Leaves slick – a slip and trip hazard
Safety doesn’t hurt

Slosh slosh slosh

The happiness is
Dapper dots dripping
Black swishers slick
Like teeth on a comb
Pomade perfection
Stay fabulous

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