The separation of church and state

Division and divide

In Latin there is an expression

Vincere vel mori

I dreamed of all the people

Disappeared from all the lands

Leaving mortal coils

Wheels of fortune turned again

From high above they were like ants

Under looking glass

Upon inspection deemed unworthy

Among the simple mass

“Is it true?”

My cat crawling into lap


In its tiny meowy way

I sigh as she walks across the keyboard

Not understanding the phrase

Lkjlkeiuitruhadfavxclvkj la

Yep, that’s about right

A bit lost in

Translation yet

In silence

It’s alright

Among the tower of empty tombs

Speaks of volumes here

I write now

Right now

For sanity’s sake

And leave translation


For through and through

The looking glass

Awakened by the sound

Into the little circle

Looking all around

Eclectic klaxton sounding crass

Alerting to the scene

A day late, yet right on time

It is what it is to me

We give thanks to this prime directive

And for the folks who handle our waste

Let us want not for wonders of the world

And be grateful for saving grace

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