blackhawk down

They circle overhead Blackhawks and Raven Together as friends Bluebirds give color Robin's give song In this illustration illumination Alliteration runs strong Quantify qualified quality quips Quixotically quotable Questionably quick Quibble quarble quaff & quack Quintessentially a quagmire Quite quirky at that

hold your horses

They put up a sign saying thou shalt not pass I gallop on through not going too fast Not quite a saunter More like a walk Keeping in time Less required to talk Solidarity with solitude Is peculiar for some I indulge more oft than not A hard kana to run A measure of yardstick... Continue Reading →


The separation of church and state Division and divide In Latin there is an expression Vincere vel mori I dreamed of all the people Disappeared from all the lands Leaving mortal coils Wheels of fortune turned again From high above they were like ants Under looking glass Upon inspection deemed unworthy Among the simple mass... Continue Reading →

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